Review of 4 family tents for camping

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If you’re going on a camping trip (or adventure), the quality of your tent might end up being the factor that most determines how much fun you’ll end up having. Bad tents are no fun – they leak rain, they let wind through, they aren’t very warm, they invite insects to the party…

If you enjoy camping with the whole family, purchasing a quality family tent without going overboard in terms of how much you pay can get tricky. It’s even trickier since you can’t allow yourself to choose a subpar tent due to the presence of kids – you might feel like toughening it out is a good option, but they won’t. Here are 4 good tents for family camping – any one of them should serve you and your family well in most average camping situations.

Four Family Tents For Camping

Wyoming Trail 4: Simple from the inside and complex from the outside is the story of this tent. Unlike most tents, it separates you and your spouse from your children by having two ‘compartments’, one smaller and one larger. The tent makes a few basic assumptions: that you and your spouse are on good terms, that your children don’t mind sleeping without their parents and that they’re not too old or giant-sized. If all of these conditions are met, however, Wyoming Trail 4 will be a great and cozy option that lets you camp next to your kids while giving them some privacy (and some to yourselves, as well). Price: $500.

Saitaris 4: Made by Helleberg, a company that specializes in quality camping equipment, the Saitaris is a real deluxe tent with a price to go along with its status. The tent has two compartments for your gear – the smaller is meant to shelter your gear, letting you make the most use of the spacey main lodge. The manufacturer made this tent with extreme conditions in mind and it shouldn’t cave in and underperform no matter the weather you’re dealing with. If you don’t mind everyone in a group of up to 4 people sleeping next to each other, this tent might be the perfect choice. Price: $1,600.

Kingdom 8: This tent might not make your camping trip feel like a visit to a kingdom, but it’s still plenty comfortable and boasts some amazing insulation. The tent’s dimensions mean that even adults are free to stand up without causing it to collapse, and there’s also plenty of sleeping room to go around. The tent comes with an optional ‘garage’ meant for storage and has a transparent lounge-type area where you can stargaze even in some harsh weather. Price: $450.

Frontier 6: The biggest product on this list, this massive canvas tent can house up to 5 or even 6 people without any loss of comfort while also letting them stand up regardless of their height. Unlike many other models, this tent has a few large ‘windows’ that let you watch the action outside while remaining sheltered – of course, they can be covered to block light anytime. If you aren’t limited by how much cargo you can carry(or the price tag), this tent is a great option for larger families or those with adult children. Price: $1,400.