Tips for camping on the Florida beach

Florida’s beaches are among the most beautiful in all of the U.S. and surely fare well when compared to those from around the world. They’re fairly friendly and inviting, usually devoid of aggressive individuals (human, land or marine animals alike), plus you won’t have to deal with nagging insects that can ruin an entophobe’s beach camping trip.

That being said, there are still things you should keep in mind to get the most out of your camping experience. Camping on the beach isn’t as difficult as other forms of outdoors camping but can still turn unpleasant if the right factors combine. Here are some tips to avoid this.

  • Remember that Florida’s beaches are full of people. A lot of beach campers picked their spot thinking most of the swimmers and sunbathers would be gone by late afternoon only to find out that many of them are happy campers as well. If you don’t want to camp in the vicinity of other people, make sure to find a spot on the beach that’s secluded and doesn’t have a lot of people even during peak hours.
  • Keep the safety of your belongings in mind. Adding to the first tip, personal objects have a knack for disappearing during lengthy excursions to the beach, especially if it’s a crowded one and you’re spending the night there. True, Florida is a safe place and doesn’t see nearly as much crime as some other areas, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of scavengers looking for a quick buck. If you’d like to guarantee the safety of your belongings, make sure to put them all inside your tent and use one that only opens from the inside.
  • Don’t go too far out. Camping in a secluded place can have its appeal, especially if you’re not the most social person out there, but try not to go too far. Being in a far-out spot of the beach will deny you access to many things that could make your camping session more bearable: restaurants, bars, convenience stores, gas stations and so forth. Not to mention, if there’s an emergency, being somewhere where people can’t get to you easily is the worst place to be, which brings us to…
  • Stay ready for emergencies: Florida isn’t exactly a wild and menacing jungle despite the odd alligator taking a stroll through urban areas, but it pays to be prepared. No matter how safe your beach looks and how mature you and your camping buddies are, always keep a first-aid kit and a working phone on-hand. There’s no telling what could go wrong, and if something does, you’ll want to be ready for it.
  • Watch out for noon: Whereas you might have otherwise timed your beach visits for early morning or afternoon, camping for a few days will expose you to the sun during its peak levels. Depending on how well your skin handles the sun’s rays, you might want to pick a spot with shade to hide in during these times as well as carry copious amounts of sun lotion – nothing ruins camping on the beach like some nasty sunburns.