Camping At 4 Great Texas State Parks

There’s no doubt that urbanization and industrialization are taking their tolls on the planet. But it’s only when we truly stop caring about nature and its gifts that we should truly start worrying. A single look at the beauty of some of our national parks proves that there might not be cause for alarm just yet, as natural oases can exist even in a rich industrial nation like ours. Texas, in particular, is home to some of the best-looking nature parks on the planet – here are 4 Texas State Parks that also double-up as great camping locations.

4 Great Texas State Parks

Guadalupe River State Park: The first on the list is the park made famous by its Guadalupe River, home to endless forms of watery fun and the reason thousands of visitors come to the state every year. There isn’t a whole lot of exotic nature there, but the place is nonetheless breathtaking and a must-see whenever the river isn’t being flooded. It’s also only around 18 miles from Boerne, making it a manageable summertime trip for most Texans.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area: This state park gets its name from the pink rocky formations in the area that have a bit of a magical look to them. The rest of the place looks the part as well – Enchanted Rock seamlessly combines a mountainous and prairie-like area with abundant green nature, creating a unique location that has a little something for everyone. When you’re not rock-climbing or hiking in the company of a seasoned ranger, you can simply sit back after dusk and enjoy the beautiful starry sky from any of the park’s campsites. Being some 50 miles away from Boerne doesn’t exactly make it an attraction next door, but the trip will be well-worth it and will make any vacation memorable.

Blanco State Park: One could say Blanco State Park has more water than most state parks, but isn’t that a good thing considering how hot the summer can get? From many angles, Blanco looks like a weird mixture between nature and man-made swimming pools, although it’s a very appealing one. Aside from the clear water being dispensed by unique formations of mini-waterfalls, Blanco State Park is home to a few interesting forms of wildlife, including ducks that can be fed by the visitors. Like the Guadalupe River State Park, Blanco is sometimes subjected to flooding so you’ll have to time your visit right, although that shouldn’t be hard since the park is a 28-mile ride from Boerne.

Lyndon B. Johnson State Park: A bit harder to pronounce but no less worthy of a visit, the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park doesn’t host some of the more extreme activities from other parks but instead pays tribute to one of the nation’s great presidents. This park has a clear out-of-time feel to it while being perfectly combined with modern features that make a trip through history pleasant for everyone. Not to mention, it’s only 30 miles from Boerne by car, making it easy to reach whenever you’d like to take a historical breather.